Your ultimate guide to preparing for your newborn baby


our due date is drawing closer and although you may feel as if you have to scramble to get all the pieces in place for your newborn, take a deep breath and realize that there’s still time. Consider this your ultimate guide to prepping for your new baby in the weeks before your delivery date.

  • Feel it out: By now, your unborn child is active and you’re likely showing off his or her high energy to friends and family. Though your child’s movements may occur at inopportune times, you should familiarize yourself with his or her schedule. If you sense that the movements have decreased, contact to your caregiver immediately.


  • Attend appointments: As you know by now, doctor’s visits are essential in monitoring your baby’s progress. You’ll probably be seeing your caregiver every two weeks, so jot down any questions you may have in between sessions and ask them during your next visit. Never hesitate to reach out for help or further information.


  • Talk to your baby: At this point, your baby can hear your voice, so set aside some time every day to tell him or her stories or sing songs. Familiarizing your child with your voice will help you create an instant connection the second your baby hears your voice outside of the belly.


  • Dial it down: If you’ve kept a relatively high-energy routine, whether it’s exercising or commuting to work, decrease your activity level as the due date draws nearer. Save your strength and energy for the big day.


  • Take more classes: You may already be taking birthing classes, but consider other courses that will help you care for your baby. There’s an endless array of such sessions, from safe bathing to CPR and breastfeeding. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, these classes will be incredibly helpful. You never know if your baby is going to be a difficult eater, so preparing ahead of time and knowing all the best practices will ensure that you’re ready to breastfeed.


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