Your diet chart for breastfeeding


A mother needs to have a specified nutritional intake as she is the one not only feeding herself but also her child. They need balanced vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fluid intake to improve their energy levels.
There is actually no strict restriction on diet during breast feeding.  It is just following the diet during pregnancy. Fruits and vegetables intake has lower risks of certain cancers and obesity risks. A child usually eats a certain fruits or vegetables based on whether he or she likes the taste and so it is important to let the babies know about the tastes and feed them with quality nutritional fruits for a healthy start. A baby understands the flavor from a mother’s diet because the amniotic fluid which carries the food and its taste is transmitted through mother’s milk. Thus a baby understands to like a certain taste when the mother consumes the food.
The following are few points to be taken care of :

  • High calorie diet is not the aim but high carbohydrate and nutritional diet is. a hungry mother need to add less sugar and lower fat content intake and should always prefer high carbohydrate foods which boost up the energy levels like starch foods such as cereals during breakfast, pasta, vegetables like potatoes , rice, bread which provide the energy one would require for the day.

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