Thrush In Infants – 2 Causes, 2 Symptoms & 2 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of


Have you ever noticed any white patches inside your baby’s cheeks? If you have, there is a chance your infant might have thrush.

Thrush looks like patches or spots of thick cottage cheese or curd stuck in your infant’s mouth. It appears on the roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks, on the tongue and even in the nappy area. Here is an overview of thrush for your better understanding to handle the condition in your baby.

What Is Thrush In Infants?

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by a single celled organism, Candida Albicans that usually lives on the skin, gut and mucus membranes. Babies’ mouth is prone to infection when the fungus spreads in the mouth. Thrush is of two types –

1. Oral Thrush

2. Nappy Area Thrush

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What Causes Thrush In Infants?

Both types of thrush hold the similar causes. Here are the causes:

a. Candida levels aggravate in the baby due to reasons like:

  • Immature immune system, wherein the baby will not develop the resistance towards infections
  • Baby is on antibiotics that deprive the healthy bacteria levels in the body therefore allowing Candida to spread.



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