The Challenge to Increase Iron Levels During Pregnancy!


Pregnancy puts women through different tests (we don’t just mean physical ones!) and somewhere around the third month, a blood test is done to test for sugar levels, iron levels etc, just to make sure things are looking good for the new mum.

I didn’t actually gave it too much thought at that point, so when my gynae said that all’s good – i’m happy! Until my visit at the 32nd week that she arranged for an iron level test to be done, just to make sure it’s a-ok at the third trimester.

I’ve asked around, but other friends did not go through it during this stage of their pregnancies; it’s more of a routine step for my gynae so it may differ from doctors to doctors too. Unfortunately, for me, my iron level fell quite abit. From 11.6 (the healthy level is 12) during the first trimester, to 9.5 now. Then comes another bag of supplements to take again, in addition to the rest! *Grrrr*

2 weeks later, a re-test was done. And guess what? It dipped minutely to 9.4 despite the pills! Oh horror, having to battle with constipation was bad enough, now another headache?!

Just to clarify, the iron pills were supposed to be less-constipation-inducing (according to the nurse, lesser complaints LOL), since I was already plagued with bowel movement issues before pregnancy, and during pregnancy it got a little worse.

So how now, brown cow??

Surprise, surprise! The nurse actually shared some tips on what I could possibly try to take. It seems I’m not exactly absorbing the iron well, so she recommended red dates drink, to help nourish the blood. The other method was to slice pig’s liver into strips, run it under boiling water to cook them and (listen, listen!) DRINK THE BLOODY WATER @.@ – Excuse the pun, but hey! Liver parts are not exactly good-good. They break down food in the animals’ systems and OMG, no way was I gonna drink that red fluid -_-

My dear Hub diligently prepared the red dates water for me with our newly-bought slow cooker and I was to drink it like how water should be guzzled throughout the day. It’s a really simple recipe!

Red Dates Drink

7 pieces of red dates (can purchase from Eu Yan Sang or other medical halls)
1litre boiled water

1) Wash red dates and cut slits to allow their sweetness to be released during cooking. Read about someone’s mum who said to cut exactly 7 snips.. not too sure about that though…
2) Pour boiled water into slow cooker and add washed red dates.
3) Set to low and leave to boil overnight. In the morning, turn off the slow cooker, use a ladle to scoop out the drink and pour into a thermal flask.

*note that a bigger slow cooker was used for this recipe.

Steps to make Red Date Drink

Hoping to boost iron levels during pregnancy with this drink! And it worked for my first pregnancy! 😀

That was easy, right?

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