The 10 Hardest Things Being A Mum

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To have a child is a wonderful and magical experience. Most married couples believe in starting a family the minute they tied the knot. For a first time mother, getting pregnant is an exciting piece of news that perhaps needs to be shared with everyone. Becoming a mother has always been a “wow factor”. Many believe that, birthing a baby makes a married woman complete.

But what is it like to be a mother? Once the novelty of excitement worn out, and the feeling of over the moon has subsided, reality kicks in.

Trust us, these are the top 10 things that make motherhood most challenging!

1. Labour pain

This is definitely the first (painful) step and the hardest thing about being a mom. Even before the baby is around, the mother is already screaming her lungs out! The unforgettable moments of bearing those pain, discomfort and soreness. But wait till she gets to hold that bundle of joy in her arms and touch those tiny feet and fingers, all the pain is just so “yesterday”.

2. Sleep deprived

Taking care of a newborn is hardwork; especially in the first few months of his or her life. Frequent feedings, nappy changings and colic in the little one are some of the common factors that contribute to parents, especially mothers, who have to endure those sleepless nights. The solution for sleep deprivation is to rest as much as you can, and catch up on those losses when the baby is also sleeping.

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