It turns out men really can’t look after their kids AND do housework


Your husband is minding the kids and you return home to utter chaos with not one chore in sight done. Sound familiar? Yes it’s frustrating and annoying, but turns out there’s actually a scientific reason for it – men really can’t multitask.

Mama needs a clone

Most mothers are pros at multitasking – really because we have to be. We wipe bums and noses, prepare endless snacks, kiss scraped knees and everything else to make sure our children are tended to, happy and safe; all while cooking a lasagne, putting load (after load) of washing on, unpacking the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, buying groceries, paying bills and more. We’re like Hindu deities with multiple arms, because running a household when you have small children requires a massive effort. And some of us even have other jobs or work to do as well!

We’re not asking for medals, we generally just get on with it. But when your husband or partner is holding the fort for a bit instead, and literally does nothing other than make sure the kids are still alive when you get back – it’s pretty annoying. Sure we’re grateful that we were able to duck out for a girls’ lunch or do a spot of shopping, but didn’t they see the clean laundry needing to be hung out? Couldn’t they have put that cup in the dishwasher or wiped up that yoghurt off the floor? We do it, so why can’t they?!

Study proves it – men suck at multitasking

Turns out, men really can’t do more than one thing at a time (or at least are terrible at it compared to women). Us gals have of course pretty much known this for a while, but a recent study has actually now proven it’s a scientific fact – our brains work differently.

The study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal, was completed by neuroscientists from Switzerland and involved men and women walking on a treadmill while swinging their right arm and answering a brain teaser. All the men (and interestingly women over 60), found their walking and arm swing slowed down or was thrown completely off when they began to tackle the language test. All the other women however, were able to maintain their physical movements while working out the verbal task. They were completely unfazed – way to go chicks!


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