Feel the burn: Everything you need to know about heartburn during pregnancy


Item number one: it totally sucks!

Now that we’ve got that truth told, here’s a rundown on why heartburn is so prevalent during pregnancy and some ideas on how to keep it at bay.

Why, oh why is this happening?!

“Why me?”, we hear you asking yourself as you press your hand to your chest and remember the good old non-burny days. Well there are actually great reasons behind the heartburn problem, in case that makes you feel any better.

When you are growing a baby, the placenta that’s tucked neatly inside you is producing lots of the hormone progesterone.

The good news is that progesterone helpfully relaxes and smooths your uterine muscles to help make room for baby. The less good news is that it relaxes the valve that separates your oesophagus from your stomach, too. This means that gastric acid can seep back up through the now-relaxed valve and cause what we know as heartburn. Oh hooray. Not.

Further, in the final weeks of pregnancy, your baby squishes and crowds your digestive organs, causing heartburn.

What does heartburn feel like?

If you have heartburn, you’ll feel an uncomfortable, burning sensation in your chest and this may work its way up to your throat. Heartburn can feel worse when you are lying down or when you are bending over.

Does heartburn harm my baby?

No. Not at all. Your baby is completely oblivious to the burning sensation you are experiencing. Phew.


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