DIY Sensory Board Fun for Children


Today Ellie shares with us a fabulous sensory board she created for her beautiful preschooler. Hours of fun, through lots of hands on sensory play. So if you are looking for fun for children in your home or setting, creating your very own sensory board maybe something you wish to consider….

Hello, I’m Ellie. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who has additional needs.
Before becoming a mum I had worked in many schools, nursery’s and within families as a nanny.
I’ve always been a creative person and enjoy spending any free time making things. These days this is almost always for my daughter.

As a baby she was later to develop her milestones and I made a sensory panel which clipped to our sofa to aid her development.

Today she’s in a different chapter of her life. She has outgrown the first little panel I made, so I embarked on a new one.
My daughter is profoundly deaf but has recently been fitted with bilateral cochlear implants.
So basically for the first time she’s learning to listen. 
I wanted to make a sensory panel which had lots of listening opportunities, as well as covering her need for visual and tactile stimulus. 

I started with a recycled table top. Out of all the projects I’ve made, I’ve never payed for wood! It’s worth asking local schools or offices if they have any broken tables. They are perfect sized for wall panels.

Next I hunted our house, the charity shops and finally good old Amazon and ikea. I try and think of other uses an object may have.

One of my favourite pieces on this panel is a bowl I found in a charity shop. It has little dents in it. I think it may be a jelly mould?! Anyway… It sounds amazing with a drumstick rolling around it!

Pipes and tubing make fabulous ball drops and I used an ikea wall storage box to keep the balls in one place.

Everything was very easily fixed to the wood, using either no more nails glue or by drilling holes and using cable ties.


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