3 Surprising Things Your Baby Knows Inside The Womb


Pregnancy is a unique experience for parents. This period is filled with memorable moments for the mother and father. For women, nothing else can match the feeling of motherhood. Having a baby develop right under your skin, and feeling the movement of his legs and head as he moves about in your womb, are unmatchable experiences.

What makes pregnancy even more thrilling is the fact that your baby learns several things inside the womb, from the behavior of the mother. Learning starts right there in the womb and you are your baby’s first teacher. This is the reason why the elders advise us to listen to soothing music and read good stuff when pregnant! So, what are the specific things that your baby has already learned by the time he comes out of the womb?

An Experience Of Different Tastes

Did you have any idea that all that while when you were eating different foods and taking a variety of liquids, your baby is developing his taste buds? Scientific research and studies (1) have concluded that babies tend to form an inclination towards foods and liquids that their mothers consume during the pregnancy period and this preference for certain foods can manifest itself in the children up to the age of eight to nine years. Interesting, right?


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