10 Tips for Surviving the Last Month of Pregnancy


You feel huge, uncomfortable, and probably a little (or a lot) impatient. Time seems to move in slow motion. The aches increase by the day. It’s impossible to make plans. You’re more than eager to meet your little kicker on the outside. Here are some tips that can hopefully help you make the most of the last month.

1) Enjoy sleep while you can: This is for those of you who are actually sleeping. I wish I could enjoy sleep, but that is not happening. I’m pretty sure I did the first two pregnancies, though. I don’t really remember. But let’s be honest—any sleep is better than newborn stage sleep. Take advantage of it while you can!

2) Stay away from forums: Especially if you’re due toward the end of the month, these things can be brutal! I’ve been due on 12/21, 7/24, and now I’m due 1/21. With each pregnancy I’ve been a visitor on a forum where EVERYONE (it feels like) has already had their baby about a month before I’m even due—or they’re having it today—right now. Or they’re having contractions or losing their mucus plug or their water is breaking—RIGHT NOW. If those things are not happening to you, it is just not encouraging to read about it!

3) Relax as much as possible: Put your feet up and relax! Enjoy it while you can. Really!

4) Be open: Making a birthing plan is certainly a good thing to do (or even just thinking through how you’d like it to go), but prepare yourself for it not going exactly like you plan. Maybe it will, which would be awesome! But in case things don’t go exactly how you picture, it’s best to keep an open mind as you keep your eye on the prize–delivering your baby!


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